Refresher Lessons

Refresher driving lessons in Spalding, Bourne, The Deepings, Holbeach and the surrounding areas of South Lincolnshire

Refresher driving lessons are for those that have already passed their driving test but lack confidence in their driving or who have not driven for some time.

Please note that we offer driving lessons in manual cars only - we do not offer automatic tuition

More About Refresher Driving Lessons

Who woud benefit from refresher driving lessons?

Refresher driving courses are suitable for people who:

If you are worried that you have acquired "bad driving habits" since you passed your driving test or that your driving isn't as good as it used to be, take a look at our Driving Check-Up page.

If there is a certain skill that you wish to master (for example, parking), our Driving Skills Improvement lessons may be of help.

How much do refresher lessons cost?

Refresher lessons are charged at £30 per hour.

Where can I take refresher driving lessons with you?

Our instructors offer refresher driving lessons in South Lincolnshire including Spalding, Bourne, The Deepings, Holbeach

Can I take refresher lessons with you in an automatic car?

Unfortunately not. We only offer driving tuition in manual cars at present.

How do I go about arranging refresher training?

We can provide refresher training to suit your individual needs and circumstances. Contact us to discuss your requirements and we'll be happy to tailor a course of refresher driving lessons to meet your needs.